Veganism on the box

Veganism has hit the media hard.

Or not, as the case may be. Let me explain.
I’ve watched a couple of documentaries recently where veganism was mentioned. The first; Clean eating’s dirty secrets. I was excited when I heard about this. Finally a documentary to dispel the myths of fad diets and just explain that simple plant based foods can be enjoyed in abundance with great health benefits and no cruelty involved?!

Sadly, this was not the case. The majority of the documentary did at least focus on veganism, but only to demonise it, outright lie about what you can and can’t eat as a vegan and generally do it’s best to equate veganism to eating disorders. When they interviewed a vegan blogger who has recovered from anorexia,they still managed to twist her positive promotion of veganism into something sinister and questionable.

Then I watched The Truth about Meat and things only went downhill. The documentary looked at the health implications of eating meat and what could be done to reduce them. The outcome? Reduce meat intake. One scientist was developing a nitrite (cancer causing chemical) reduced sausage. Key word; DEVELOPING. It wasn’t anywhere near market ready so everything said about that was very much redundant for now.
The thing that really pissed me off though? At no point was veganism even considered as a potential health benefit! The programme recognised cutting down on meat was nothing but beneficial but failed to mention avoiding it (along with diary) completely. All this without even entering the cruelty aspect. At one point the presenter visits an abattoir. His verdict? Seems quick and humane. Not once was the suffering and unnecessary murder of these animals questioned. The environmental impacts were neglected even more so.

Now, I realise this programme was focusing on the health implications. Still,veganism wasn’t considered here either. But, I do have trouble understanding how a programme can title itself ‘The Truth about Meat’ without looking into all the key factors in producing meat. Mainly the murder of innocent sentient beings. But hey it’s the BBC, what do I know?



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