Venturing into Veganism

First off, hi.

I’m Beth, a 22 year old from the South of England. There are many things I want to start by saying but I feel whatever I write first will define me and the content of this blog. So…

  • I’m recovering from Anorexia.
  • I’ve recently transitioned to veganism.
  • I’m studying for a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.
  • I’ve got a mild serious obsession with peanut butter/avocado/porridge.

But, I don’t think any of those things define me. They won’t define this blog either. Yes I’ll do posts about veganism and my journey with it as it progresses. I’ll write about my seemingly never ending recovery from various mental illnesses.I will undoubtedly be moaning about uni at some stage. I’ll also be showing recipes, what I eat in a day, outfits, or great restaurants I find in places I visit.

So, I’m Beth, this is my life.




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